The 12 Best Beer Fridge To Enjoy Chilled Beer To Use At Gatherings

Are you looking for a beer refrigerator for your college parties? Beers are an integral part of any hangouts or gathering. Before you choose the best beer refrigerator for yourself, make sure the holding capacity is according to your need. The refrigerators have a stainless steel constriction with a double-paned glass door to keep the beers chilled. 

Another important feature to know is temperature control. The control panel should have the agility to control the internal temperature as you might want to cool other beverages. Not to mention to consider the dimension before purchasing the best beer fridge as it might not be able to be installed in your desired place if it is too big.

Top 12 Best Beer Fridges

Product Item Weight (Pounds)Product dimensions (inches)Capacity
hOmeLabs Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator68.3‎17.3 x 18.9 x 33.3120 cans
Antarctic Star Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator‎48.517.52 x 18.7 x 31.526 wine bottles
NewAir Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator‎62.818.25 x 19 x 33.13126 cans
Danby Beer Refrigerator68.619.75 x 17.87 x 33.69120 cans
Vremi Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator‎80.820 x 22 x 38120 cans
Ivation Beer Refrigerator4717.71 x 16.92 x 29.13101 cans
Euhomy Beverage / Beer Refrigerator‎60.917.5 x 18.9 x 31.5120 cans
Phiestina Beverage/Beer Refrigerator72.814.9 x 22.4 x 33.996 cans
AAOBOSI Beer Refrigerator113.323.43 x 22.95 x 34.06164
Cooluli Beer Refrigerator9.8012 x 10 x 1418 cans
Kismile Beverage/Beer Refrigerator45.1 ‎23 x 21 x 2060 Cans
Lanbo Beverage/Beer Refrigerator100.323.6 x 23.4 x 33.918 Bottles and 55 Cans

1. hOmeLabs Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator

hOmeLabs Beverage Beer Refrigerator


The beer refrigerator is built with stainless steel to give durable service. It has a matte black exterior that blends with every interior. The double-glazed glass front door is framed with stainless steel. It has wide hinges on the left and right sides to open the door to access beers. The door is reversible by fixing the latch on your convenient side. Left and right-handed users can be able to enjoy beer from this refrigerator. Moreover, 3.2 cubic feet beverage cooler self-stands with the help of rubber feet at the base of the refrigerator. At nighttime, you can select your beer with its white LED interior light. 

Cooling system

It is one of the best beer refrigerators, built with an advanced energy-efficient cooling system for fast colling of the beer and beverages. With a rating of 120V 240W, it operates the compressor that works a small convection fan to keep consistent air circulation. The compressor does not make any loud sound and is perfect to use at an apartment, office, or in an RV.

Holding capacity

The refrigerator has three chrome shelves which make it four racks. 120 standard-size cans can be accommodated easily. Moreover, you can remove and customize the shelves to hold beverages of various shapes. 

Temperature control

Inside the refrigerator, a touchpad is added to control the temperature, and the digital display shows the current temperature. You can take it down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Another advanced function of this refrigerator is that it has a memory function that remembers and restores the current temperature in case it gets unplugged for some reason. 

Defrosting function

You can set the refrigerator to auto defrost mode. The additional temperature sensor automatically defrosts the beverages and allows you to enjoy chilled beer.

2. Antarctic Star Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator

Antarctic Star Beverage Beer Refrigerator


This compact stainless steel built beer refrigerator has 3.2 cubic feet. It has a glossy finish that will make it star at every party. The front door is built with dual-pane tempered glass and has a tight seal to keep the interior temperature intact. The air-tight seal helps to maintain the humidity. This compact beer refrigerator has a soft blue interior LED for lighting. However, it does not hinge to open the door. You pull the corners of the door to open the refrigerator. 

Advanced cooling system

The compressor of the refrigerator is quiet and does not cause any vibration. The interior fan helps to circulate cold air evenly to all corners to keep the beers cool. It has a three-dimensional air cooling cycle to make cold air has reached each corner. The refrigerator maintains a constant temperature of ± 33 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Holding capacity

Three stainless steel rack is built on the refrigerator. Each of the levels does not have a uniform distance to put the beverages. On the first rack, you can keep wine bottles, but they need to be laid. On the other three racks, you can use for canned beer or wine. It can hold 26 standard wine bottles and keep them chilled to enjoy the exact taste on every occasion. 

Temperature control

A digital temperature control panel is installed on the refrigerator. You can control the internal temperature from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. The current temperature is also displayed so that you modify it as you like. 

3. NewAir Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator

NewAir Beverage Beer Refrigerator


This is stainless steel beer refrigerator with a metallic finish that adds a modern touch to your room. It has stainless steel frames glass door that gives a view of beers that are available. To make the opening of the door comfortable, it has a hinge on the left side. The refrigerator comes with a capacity of 3.4 cubic feet and can stand alone. The dimension of the refrigerator is ‎18.25 x 19 x 33.13 inches that can be installed at any corner of your home. Moreover, it has an LED installed to make beer visible in a dark room.

Holding capacity

You can enjoy five stainless steel racks on this refrigerator. The racks are adjustable and can be used to make 3 to 5 levels to accommodate beers, wines, water bottles, etc. If you want to put only cans, it can hold 126 standard-sized cans easily. Remove the racks to create more space to hold wine bottles. 

Adjustable temperature

This beer refrigerator has a manual knob to adjust the internal temperature. At the top of the refrigerator, you will find a regulator seven temperature setting. A powerful compressor keeps the interior cool and maintains a temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a 35dB compressor which keeps no noise at home or restaurant.

4. Danby Beer Refrigerator

Danby Beer Refrigerator


Manufactured with stainless steel, the refrigerator has a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet. It is black and has a glossy finish that stands out in the room. The tempered glass door is framed with stainless steel and used from both sides. The door has hinges on both sides, making it easier for both left and right-handed users. The beer refrigerator self stands on four feet. You can lock the refrigerator with a key in case you do not want your kids to drink more than one sodas. The blue LED illuminates the interior in the dark. 

Holding capacity

This best beer refrigerator holds 120 cans on five levels. It comes with stainless steel rust-proof racks that can be removed and cleaned. The top level of the refrigerator does not allow to set the cans vertically. Use this refrigerator for wine, beers, or sodas as well. 

Adjustable temperature

This beer refrigerator comes with a mechanical temperature control system. The temperature controlling knob is added, which can be visible at the front. You will find the knob at the back of the refrigerator that offers you control beverages from 43 degrees Fahrenheit to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it does not have a display to view the current temperature. Moreover, the temperature knob is not marked with numbers, making it hard to set the temperature.

5. Vremi Beverage/ Beer Refrigerator

Vremi Beverage Beer Refrigerator


The beer refrigerator is constructed with stainless steel that gives a sophisticated look. It has a double pane glass door framed with stainless steel. The elegant see-through door has hinges on both sides to open and close from both sides. Soft white LED lighting gives a modern look and makes it visible in the dark. The feature we like more about this refrigerator is that it has adjustable feet. This 3.2 cubic feet refrigerator will stay stable on uneven surfaces. 

Holding capacity

The beer refrigerator can hold 100 to 120 cans, depending on the size of the cans. It comes with three chrome shelves that give four levels to keep beverages. The shelves have raised edges to hold the beer in place. You can take off the shelves and make space to put wine bottles in the freezer. 

Temperature control panel

Built with a digital touchpad, the refrigerator has start buttons and two temperature control buttons. The temperature can be adjusted from 34 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The large display shows you the current internal temperature. Moreover, the refrigerator is built with a memory function that remembers the set temperature in case there is a power outrage. 

Cooling system

The refrigerator from Vremi is built energy efficient and advanced cooling technology. It has a whisper-quiet temperature that ensures even cooling in all corners of the freezer. 

Auto defrosting 

The beer refrigerator comes with auto defrost mode that prevents creating ice on the inside. A temperature sensor detects the temperature and starts defrosting automatically. Cleaning the freezer is easier as it builds ice. 

6. Ivation Beer Refrigerator

Ivation Beer Refrigerator


The beer refrigerator is compact, self-stands, and includes energy-efficient mechanics built with stainless steel. The exterior is coated with a sleek black enamel coating that compliments every interior. Moreover, it has a double-paned tempered glass door that enhances the insulations and improves durability. The door has hinges on both sides for easy to close and open. A smooth-toned LED light glows in the dark and helps to select your favourite beverage. The LED is operated with a touch button to turn on, off, or to adjust the brightness.   

Eco-power cooling

The beer refrigerator is built with innovative, eco-power cooling technology. The ultra-cool compressor cools the beverages consistently and keeps the temperature stable for a long time. Moreover, its optimal temperature lowers the annual expenditure and makes it eco-friendly. Moreover, the compressor does not make any noise while functioning. 

Holding capacity

The refrigerator comes with 2.5 cubic feet that can hold 101 standard-size cans. It has three removable shelves that create five shelf slots. You can keep bottles and wines in the freezer by removing and adjusting the shelves.

Temperature control panel

This beer refrigerator has a temperature control knob to set the temperature. You can set the temperature at five different levels starting from 34 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it does not have a display to view the current internal temperature. The knob is installed on the inside, which can be hard to reach.

7. Euhomy Beverage / Beer Refrigerator

Euhomy Beverage Beer Refrigerator


The stainless steel beer refrigerator comes with a contrast of black and silver. The sleek door is three-layered, ensuring superior thermal insulation and keeping the beer chilled. The reversible door has built-in hinges on the left and right. Moreover, the feet of the refrigerator are adjustable to place it in an uneven place. The white LED showcases the beverages nicely inside the freezer. 

Holding capacity

On this 3.2 cubic feet beer refrigerator, 120 standard-size cans can be placed in it. It has four removable racks to keep the cans of beer. You can remove the racks to clean or make more space for wine bottles. 

Temperature control and auto defrost

A touch button panel is given to control the temperature of the best beer refrigerator. The temperature is also displayed so that you can cool the beer as needed. The temperature can be controlled from 34 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the refrigerator automatically defrosts beer when it detects the beverages are turning into ice. 

Advanced cooling system

The refrigerator is built with a powerful but quiet compressor to keep the beverages cool. The internal air cooling system distributes the air evenly to all corners to keep the beers cool evenly.

8. Phiestina Beverage/Beer Refrigerator

Phiestina Beverage Beer Refrigerator


This beer refrigerator from Phiestina is made of stainless steel and has a glossy finish. The door is made of glass and is framed with stainless steel. You will find a handlebar on the left side of the door to open the refrigerator. The handlebar is long and gives a nice grip to open and close the door. Moreover, it has blue LED lighting that showcases the drink in dark. Moreover, this self-standing freezer has a kick plate front vent to release heat from the front. 

Holding capacity

The beer refrigerators have five shelves to keep the beer cans. 96 beer cans can be easily chilled in this freezer. Moreover, the shelves have raised edges to prevent cans from falling. You can use the freezer to refrigerate wine bottles as well.

Digital temperature panel 

The beer refrigerator has a built-in temperature control panel. Pressing the touch buttons, you can increase and decrease the temperature from 38 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it has a temperature memory function that remembers and sets the previous temperature when it is turned back on.

9. AAOBOSI  Beer Refrigerator

AAOBOSI Beer Refrigerator


The beer refrigerator is built with stainless and has a metallic finish. It has a double glass door with a 45 cm stainless steel handle that gives a comfortable grip to open the freezer. There is a lock hole on the door to keep locked when needed. The refrigerator self stands and blends easily in any environment. A blue LED emits light to show the available beverages present on the refrigerator. 

Holding capacity

The holding capacity of the beer is massive. It can hold 164 standard cans. It has three racks that separate each level from another. You can remove the racks for keeping the large wine bottles. The racks are designed with raised edges to prevent the cans from falling off.            

Advanced cooling system

A powerful cooling system with a modern compressor makes the chilling of the beers faster. The internal cool air circulates evenly to all corners to cool all beers. Also, the compressor does not cause a sound that can disturb gatherings. 

Innovative control panel

The refrigerator has an innovative touchpad temperature control panel to increase or decrease the temperature. It has a lock screen function that prevents accidentally changing the temperature. You can also see the temperature on display. The temperature varies from 36 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

10. Cooluli Beer Refrigerator

Cooluli Beer Refrigerator


This beer refrigerator is like a mini freeze that modern infrastructure. It comes in three colors pink, turquoise, and white. This is a portable refrigerator that you can take on your road trip. Connect to the dc adapter of your to give power to your freeze. The door has an easy-lock mechanism that keeps the beer cans in place while you travel. Moreover, it is built with eco-friendly technology that ensures less usage of energy. Windows are given on sides for ar circulation.  

Versatile use

You can use this refrigerator for various purposes like food, beverages, medicine, makeup, etc. it makes traveling easier for its lightweight and can be connected easily to electricity. Moreover, the refrigerator can be converted to a warmer with a single switch. The functions are given at the back of the freezer. 

Holding capacity

This is a 15 liters mini freeze that can hold 18 standard-sized cans. It comes with two shelves that are removable to extra spaces.

11. Kismile Beverage/Beer Refrigerator

Kismile Beverage Beer Refrigerator


The beer refrigerator from Kismile is very compact to place at home, office, or gym. This is 1.6 cubic feet with adjustable legs. You can adjust the legs if the surface is not plain. It has a double-pane glass door that can be opened from the left side and right side. Moreover, the glass door protects the drinks from UV rays and maintains humidity. The door has a super tight seal to prevent leakage of cold air. To get the internal view of the refrigerator, LED lighting is attached.   

Digital temperature control

The temperature control panel is given on the inside of the refrigerator. You turn the knob from high to low to set the temperature. The temperature varies from 39 degrees Fahrenheit to 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Close to the temperature, a switch is given to turn off or on the LED light. 

Holding capacity

The refrigerator includes four trays to keep the beer cans. It can hold 60 beer cans easily. You can remove the trays to make more space for wine bottles. 

Advanced cooling mechanism

The refrigerator is built with a powerful compressor for fast cooling. It cools the beverages quickly without making noise. It emits only 40 dB when it is powered. Cool air is uniformly distributed so that all beverages are cooled.

12. Lanbo Beverage/Beer Refrigerator

Lanbo Beverage Beer Refrigerator


This is a giant freezer with two doors. The beer refrigerator has matt black finish, and the handles are made of stainless steel. The handles are wide and give a strong grip to open. The doors are built with double pane glasses, allowing you to choose the drink you want. Moreover, each door can be locked at the bottom individually with keys. Not to mention, it has ventilators to pass the hot air out easily. 

Holding capacity

The freezer is divided into two portions. Each portion has racks to hold beer cans and wine bottles at the same time. Not only for the occasion, but you can also store your beer bottle and cans on the refrigerator. You can keep 55 cans and 18 wine bottles easily on the refrigerator. 

Dual-zone operation

One of the unique features of this best beer refrigerator is that two zones can be operated separately. Each part has its own digital temperature control panel, and you can set a different temperature in it. The wine zone has a range of 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas the beer zone has a range of 39 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Though they have two zones, cool air passes evenly to all the corners. Moreover, each of the zones also has a separate LED for lighting in the dark.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Beer Fridge

Chilled beers are the center of parties or gatherings. An ideal beer refrigerator can set the mode of the party if it can serve perfect chilled beer. Before choosing, you should know the functions of the refrigerator. 


Consider the dimension of the area you want to set your beer refrigerator. The refrigerators come in various dimensions that will not fit on a cabinet or corner. Moreover, if you want to store a large number of beers, you will want a larger refrigerator as well, which is not possible to set on any area. Moreover, in our article, we have mentioned a mini cooler that is portable and can be carried while traveling by personal car.

Number of beer cans

For parties, you will definitely want the best beer refrigerator that has holds more than 100 beers as the guests will finish it. The refrigerators have shelves that help to sort the beer cans. Moreover, you can remove the shelves to keep big bottles as well. To enjoy a chilled beer at home if you are living single, better opt for the mini beer refrigerator. 


The heart of the refrigerator is a compressor that circulates the refrigerant in the system under pressure. In the past, compressors used to make loud noises while operating. With modern technology, the sound has been reduced, and now it does not make noises. It creates a nice ambience and lets you enjoy a cool beer in quiet.

Digital control panel

The modern best beer refrigerators come with a digital touchpad and LCD to set and display the temperature. Pressing the buttons easily changes the temperature. However, some beer refrigerators have a temperature control knob at the back, which can be hard to change at any time. Another feature that is available on smart beer refrigerators is the auto defrost. The sensors detect when the temperature is too cold to make beers icy cold and turn up the temperature to keep the beer cool. 

Double-pane glass door

Most beer refrigerator has glass doors, and they are built with double-pane glass. The double-pane glass protects the beer from light and allows you to enjoy a beer at any palace at any time. Moreover, you can store beer in the refrigerator instead of storing it in the cupboard. Not to mention, a door with hinges on both sides of the beer refrigerators is also available for the convenience of the lefties.

Removable shelves

The beer refrigerator has shelves to place beer or wine bottles easily. Agile shelves help to sort the interior of the freezer as you want. Moreover, removable shelves are better to clean the refrigerator as well. 


How do you store beer bottles? 

Store the beer bottles in an upright position and away from direct exposure to light. Light damages the taste of the beer and makes it unsuitable to drink. 

Is it possible to use a wine cooler for beer?

Yes, you can wine cooler for chilling beer. 

What is the best temperature for beer?

Beer tastes perfect when served between 38 degrees Fahrenheit to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long can you keep beer in the fridge? 

Unopened stays good for about 6 to 8 months in the refrigerator. 


Have you found a durable, stylish, and efficient beer refrigerator yet? It can be hard to decide between a mini freeze and a beer refrigerator. The best beer fridge will cool your beer evenly and help to keep them sorted. The LED creates a nice atmosphere at parties or hangouts. 

Moreover, if you do not drink much, you can also use it for other beverages. Nowadays, doors with both side hinges are available for left-handed users. The advanced compressor doesn’t make sound and helps to cool the beers quickly. Also, the beer refrigerators come with a locking system to keep alcohol away from your kids.

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