The 14 Best Beer Glasses To Enjoy Any Kind Of Drink Or Bear

Are you looking for a beer glass to enjoy a nice beer at home? Depending on the glass you serve the intensity differs. If the beer glasses are not thick or do not have a silicon rim, the heat from hands can transfer to the beer. The ice cubes will melt quickly and you won't be able to enjoy the actual taste of the beer. 

The beer glasses are easy to maintain. They need to be washed with soapy water. As the glasses have different built, some have a slender bottom, ridged bottom, or constructed in the shape of mugs. You can stack those beer glasses and they will not space in your cupboard. The best glasses will be the one that allows you to enjoy nice anytime, anywhere.

Top 14 Best Beer Glasses

1. Host Freeze Beer Glass

Host Freeze Beer Glass


The beer glass from Host is made of BPA-free plastic. This pint glass has a double wall which makes it durable for use. The glass can hold 16 ounces of liquid. This glass is not only for beer; it can be used for cold drinks like soda, tea, milkshakes, and more. Moreover, you can keep the glass in the refrigerator to keep the beer cool.  

Freezable gel

Your beer won't get warm on this glass. The plastic walls are filled with proprietary cooling gel that keeps the beer cool even you are holding the beer for a long time. The gel gives an opaque look that is visible to your eyes. 

Comfortable grip

The glass starts to sweat when ice cubes or cold liquid is poured. The glasses become slippery, which can fall off your hand and break. A wide insulated silicone band is given on the glass that gives a strong grip. Moreover, the heat from your hands won't reach the beer and will keep the beer cold. 


The beer glasses need to be hand-washed to maintain them. As the glasses have freezing gel, a slight crack can damage the whole glass. Wash and store them safely in the kitchen cupboard. 

2. Dragon Glassware Beer Glass

Dragon Glassware Beer Glass


Crystal clear DragonGlass Borosilicate glass is used to make the beer glass. The beer stays cold for a long time because of the double-walled insulation. The beer tastes better as it stays cool longer. For its distinctive appearance, the beer appears to be suspended in mid-air. It's a high-quality, lead-free glass that can be refrigerated in the freezer.


The beer glass is designed with extra-large capacity. This glass is large enough to accommodate an entire beer bottle. This beer glass has the capacity of holding 13.5 fluid ounces. 


The beer glass is 8 ounces in weight and needs to be hand-washed. You can use this glass for juices or any other beverages. Cleaning in the dishwasher is not safe for the glass.

3. Kitchen Lux Beer Glass

Kitchen Lux Beer Glass

Elegant design

The Kitchen Lux beer glass is made of premium glass material. It has a classic design that can be served in bars, clubs, and restaurants. The beer glass holds 1 pint or 16 ounces of beer easily. Moreover, the glass is lead-free, and BPA proof allows you to use it at any elegant party. You can use this glass to serve any other drinks as well. Because of mouth-to-bottom ratio is greater, you can use it to garnish your cocktails for serving.

Dishwasher safe

This lovely, elegant beer glass is easy to clean. Pop them in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. You can also hand wash the glass with soapy water and dry them before storing it. 

However, the beer can get war from the heat of your hands. Use a napkin to prevent heating beer and slipperiness from the sweat of the ice.

4. Gelid Beer Glass

Gelid Beer Glass


This is glass designed to enjoy beer every day. It is made of heavy-duty glass and is transparent to give a view of your beer. The glass holds 16 ounces easily. You can use it to serve IPA, craft beer, or any other drink. The glass is designed by following the old-fashioned shape, sleek silhouette. It gives a nice grip to fit in between your fingers. 

Classic design

This beer glass is the best present for beer lovers who are passing their 50th birthday. The glass has a permanent imprint that reads 49 + One Middle Finger in vibrant white ink. When you pour the beer, the words are more visible. 


The brand has not mentioned that the glass is dishwasher safe. It is better to clean the glass by hand washing. Store the glass safely in a secure place as mishandling will break the glass into pieces.

5. LUXU Beer Glass

LUXU Beer Glass

Classic construction

The elegant look and contemporary design of the beer glass give an aesthetic look to the table. Made of premium glass shines the drink that is poured in it. The glass is 6 inches long, the base is 2.56 inches, and the mouth is 3.5 inches. The glass can be carried for outdoor picnics or campfires. Moreover, the glass is easy to wash using hands.

Stackable storage

The beer glass is sold in a set of 2 or 4. The glasses are designed in a way that can be stored in a stack. As a result, a lot of space can be saved by stacking the glasses in our cupboard. 

Holding capacity

The beer glass is large to hold 20 ounces of beer easily. The glass keeps the beer cool for a long time. You can refrigerate the glass in the freezer, but it is better not to use it in the oven or dishwasher. 

6. Spiegelau Beer Glass

Spiegelau Beer Glass

Premium glass set

Spiegelau sells beer glasses in a set of 3 and 4. Each glass has a unique shape that enhances a specific beer style for the perfect sip. The glasses are made of lead-free clear crystal to give an elegant construction. The laser-cut lip gives crisp, clean delivery of beer in every sip. The upper part of the glass is larger, which captures and concentrates hop aromas. On the other hand, the narrow base with ridges releases and carbonation while taking a sip. However, the glasses have thin walls which will transfer the heat from the fingers to the beer easily. 

Dishwasher safe

These stunning beer glasses can be washed in the dishwasher. The glasses stay scratchless and flawless after washing in the dishwasher. Moreover, you can hand wash the glasses for better maintenance.

7. Libbey Beer Glass

Libbey Beer Glass

Durable construction

This is a classic design beer glass made from clear glass. The rim is heat-treated to make the glass resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. The beer glass is ideal for homes or bars and can hold 16 ounces of beer. You can hand-wash the glass for cleaning. 

Versatile use

The glass can be used for juices, drinks as well as alcohol. It is 5.9 inches long with a top diameter of 3.5 inches and a bottom diameter of 2.4 inches. However, the glass does not have thick walls. The heat from your fingers will be transferred to the drink, making the drink warm. 

8. JoyJolt Callen Beer Glass

JoyJolt Callen Beer Glass

Elegant construction

The JoyJolt beer glass is made from lead-free glass, which makes it safe for drinking. The glass is designed in Pilsner Style that making it look elegant in the room. Four beer glasses come in a set. Each of the glasses is 7.25 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide, and 1.75 ounces in weight. You get a nice and comfortable grip on the glass. It is a thick beer glass that holds around 16 ounces of beer. Moreover, each beer glass has rolled rim that lets you take a pleasant sip of the beer. 

Dishwasher Safe

The glasses are safe to clean in the dishwasher. You can keep the glasses in the refrigerator too. Settle the glasses carefully in the dishwasher so that they don't break easily. 

9. DU VINO Beer Glass

DU VINO Beer Glass

Elegant construction

This Pilsner designed beer glass is made of premium glass. The glass has an hourglass shape that gives a perfect sip of beer to the drinkers. The base of the glass is laser etched to give a light stream of light bubbles, C02 that rises to the top of the glass. You will also be able to enjoy the natural aroma and intense flavor in every sip of the beer. 


The clear beer glass shows the beer’s golden colors, carbonation, fragrant aroma, and flavor. You can use the dishwasher to clean the glass. However, the glass can break because of the pressure of the water in the dishwasher. Hand washing the glasses is also easy. Wash them with soapy water and keep them for rinsing.

10. Bavel Beer glass

Bavel Beer glass

Large holding capacity

Each beer glass holds 20 ounces of beer easily. The glass is 5.6 inches tall and 2.75 inches in diameter. The can-shaped beer glass retains the taste and flavor of the beer like the classic pint glasses. The glass weighs 0.45 pounds and gives a nice grip to enjoy the beer. This stylish glass can be used for serving juices or other alcohol as well.  

Dishwasher and microwave safe

The borosilicate beer glass can bear high to low temperatures. The glass is compatible from -68 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. You can put the glass in the oven to enjoy hot milk or hot chocolate on it. This glass can be used regularly for various purposes. Moreover, pop the glass in the dishwasher for cleaning. But to keep the glass safe, it is better to hand wash it.

11. Spiegelau Classics IPA Beer glass

Spiegelau Classics IPA Beer glass


The beer glass has the classic look of IPA glass. The glass can hold 19 ounces of beer and has ridges at the bottom. The bottom of the glass will provide rich flavor and carbonation to enjoy every sip of the beer. The glass comes in 2 pieces in a set. Each glass weighs 0.5 pounds and provides a nice grip. 

Easy to clean

The beer glasses are easy to clean and maintain. By putting them in the dishwasher, the glass can be cleaned. For washing the glasses in the dishwasher, put them safely to avoid any breakage. The glasses can not be stored in stacks. They need space to store them in the cupboard.

12. Restaurantware Beer Glass

Restaurantware Beer Glass

Premium construction 

Built with premium lead-free glass ensure durable and clear looking beer glass. The beer glass has a unique shape. The rounded bowl and curved lip enhance the flavor of the beer. The circular etchings at the base increase carbonation instantly to enjoy a nice beer. The base of the glass is narrow to prevent the transmission of heat from your hands. Each pack comes with 6 glasses. Each glass holds 16 ounces of craft beer easily. 

Easy to clean

The beer glasses can withstand the dishwasher. Now cleaning the glasses has become easier. Just pop them in the dishwasher and they are fresh and clean as new. The glasses have impressive durability that survives small collisions.

13. COOL AF Beer Glass

COOL AF Beer Glass


This beer glass is a perfect gift for dads or grandfathers who are reaching their 60th, 70th, 80th, birthdays. It is a clear glass with a label written “old lives matter on it. The glass has a regular design of drinking glass and can hold 16 ounces of beer easily. The rolled rim on the glass gives the perfect sip of the beer. This glass is easy to store in stacks with other glasses. 

Dishwasher safe 

The glass is easily washable in the dishwasher. Put the glass on the first rack so that glass does not break. You can handwash the glass if you want to maintain it for a long time. 

14. Rabbit Beer Glass

Rabbit Beer Glass

Construction materials

The beer glass from Rabbit is made of Borosilicate glass. The glass is clear and comes in a cylindrical shape. Half of the glass is covered with silicone, so you will not a full view of the beer. This is a thin durable glass that keeps the flavor of the beer intact to enjoy every sip of the beer. The glass comes in a pair, each of them weighs 340 grams. 

Silicone sleeve

To prevent the fast melting of ice and protect your fingers, half of the glass is covered with a silicone sleeve. Your fingers won’t be frozen and you will be enjoying cold beer for a long time. 


The glasses are thin. It is better to handwash the glasses for longevity. You can remove the silicone sleeve from the glass for thorough cleaning. Wash and rinse them before storing them in the kitchen cupboard.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Beer Glasses

Are you looking for beer glasses to give a gift to your friend? The glasses differ in shape, style, and holding capacity. For a restaurant, you might want to buy a beer glass of every style. 

Types of beer glass

Beer glasses have various styles of construction. Serving the right flavor of beer to the right style of glass is crucial for everyone to understand. Bartenders are taught to serve specific beer to the specific type of glass so that the customers can enjoy the flavor. 

The types of beer glasses are Pilsner, Wheat, American Pint, Nonic Pint, Tulip Pint, Belgian/Tulip, beer mugs, footed, stout, and IPA. 

On Pilsner glasses low to medium alcohol-level beers are served. The mouth of the glass is wide and the long slender bottom highlights the rising bubbles. The carbonation of beer is clearly visible on this type of glass. 

American Pint glasses are called Pint, Mixing, and Pub Glasses. These glasses look like regular drinking glasses and do not enhance carbonation. Beer tastes bold on this glass. Bars also use this glass for mixing cocktails. 

Footed Beer Glasses are used to serve medium to high alcoholic beer. You will get the deep and intense flavor of the beer on this glass. The glasses are tall and slender that giving an elegant look. 

Beer Mugs are the historical-style glasses on which traditional beer is served. For heavy beer drinkers, this mug is great as it will stay filled for a long. The glass gives a nice flavor to the beer but there might not be any carbonation to enjoy the intensity of the beer. 

Width of the Rim

The width of the rim of the beer glass is very essential to maintain the intensity of the beer. The wider the rim, the more exposure of beer to air. As a result, the carbonation of the beer will leave quickly along with the flavor of the beer. 

Holding capacity

Usually, the beer is served in a 16-ounce glass. In a bar, 20 ounces glass is also available for heavy drinkers. For your bars, you should have beer glasses of various capacities so that your customers can enjoy the beer. Decide carefully on the holding capacity of the beer glasses if you are willing to buy them at home as you might use the glasses to serve other beverages as well. 


The beer glasses are made of easily breakable glasses. In our article, we have mentioned some beer glasses that are dishwasher safe. Whereas some brands recommend handwashing the glasses. It is better to handwash the glasses as rims can get cracked leading to breaking the glasses into pieces. 


Why should you drink beer from a glass?

You will get a metallic taste by drinking beer from tin or bottle.

What is the most versatile beer glass?

The tulip glass style is considered versatile beer glass. 

When does beer go flat?

When the carbonation of the beer decreases the beer gets flat.

What is beer foam called?

The bear foam is called beer head due to carbon dioxide. 


Finding the right beer glasses can be hard to decide as the glasses comes in different styles. Choosing between a wider rim and a narrow rim is very important as the carbonation depends on it. On a wider rim, carbonation occurs quickly and you will see the bubbles going up. At some point, you will not see any carbonation f you are a slow drinker. 

Moreover, beer glasses can be used to serve other beverages as well. The best beer glasses in our article have silicone bands to prevent your hand from frozen and keep your beer cold by not transferring the heat. You should decide on the beer glasses depending on the ease of their use. 

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