The 12 Best Non-Alcoholic Beer To Keep You Sober

Are you trying to cut your alcohol consumption? non-alcoholic beer is widely chosen by those who do not want to have alcohol in their drink. Only 0.5 percent alcohol or less is allowed to be present on the non-alcoholic beer. Though the beers are made in only two processes the taste differs from brand to brand. 

Moreover, the brands use ingredients like coffee, nutmeg, lemons, etc to enhance the taste of the beer. If you are on diet, you might want to consider the number of calories on each can or bottle. The best non-alcoholic beer will let you enjoy a drink but will prevent a bad hangover.

Top 12 Best Non-Alcoholic Beer

1. Athletic Brewing Company Non-Alcoholic Beer

Athletic Brewing Company Non-Alcoholic Beer


The award-winning craft beer is refreshing, clean, and has a balance of flavors. The Upside dawn beer has subtle floral aromas and earthy notes. Water, hops, barley, and yeast are the key ingredients that make it an organic beer. The organic malts from the US & Germany along with a combination of English and traditional American hops prepare a perfect beer to enjoy at home. The Athletic Brewing Company offers beer in five flavors; Upside dawn, All out stout, Cerveza Atletica, Free wave and Run wild. 

Nutrition facts

Each pack contains 12 cans of beer and each can has 12 ounces. It has low carbs and50 calories. The beer contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol that lets you enjoy beer as much as you want without getting drunk.

2. ALL-FREE Non-Alcoholic Beer

ALL-FREE Non-Alcoholic Beer


The non-alcoholic beer from All-Free is a product of Japan. It comes with a light texture, ultra-crisp, and ultra-refreshing taste. Only malt and hops are used in the beer. The beer has no alcohol (0.00%) which will make a sober drink. With smooth and refreshing bitterness you can enjoy this beer and bubbles pop up onto your tongue with every sip. The beer goes well with savory, spicy, and Japanese meals. 

Nutrition facts

A pack comes with 6 beer cans. 11.8 Fluid Ounces of beer are in each can. The beer contains 0 calories, no sugar, or any artificial flavors. Moreover, the beer was not produced through the fermentation process which results in no content of alcohol in the beer.

3. WELLBEING BREWING CO. Non-Alcoholic Beer



Wellbeing Brewing Co. non-alcoholic beer has a crispy taste that goes well with meals. 3 flavors of beers are available; Dark Amber, Coffee Cream, and Golden Wheat. It is processed by using German technology. This beer also feels good after the gym for hydration. 

Nutrition facts

The beer contains 80 calories, no sugar but high polyphenols. It is a vegan beer which is good news for vegans. Moreover, it is a non-GMO beer containing only .05 percent alcohol. The beer comes in a can that can carry 12 ounces. You can buy this bear as a pack of 6, 12, or 24.

4. Hop WTR Non-Alcoholic Beer

Hop WTR Non-Alcoholic Beer


Hop WTR has processed non-alcoholic beer to satisfy your taste with every kind of meal. It has four different flavors to satisfy your mode. The Classic gives an original and smooth taste in every sip. Mago and Blood orange have fruity and zesty flavors. Moreover, the Lemon lime which coming soon has a zesty, citrusy taste. The beer has a balanced flavor of citrus and crispiness. Furthermore, it has adaptogens which are herbs to maintain stress levels. 

Nutrition facts

Enjoy this beer when you are diet because it has no calories. Apart from that, sugar or artificial flavors are also not added to enhance the taste of the beer. This is 100 percent gluten and carb-free. Chill the beer before taking a sip from it to enjoy the beer better. 

5. Heineken Non-Alcoholic Beer

Heineken Non-Alcoholic Beer


The non-alcoholic beer of Heineken has refreshing fruity notes. The soft malty taste makes it a perfect balance of the beer. All the ingredients used in the beer are natural and a unique A-yeast is used for fermentation. The beer has a great taste that goes with all meals. 

Nutrition facts

Each can comes with 300ml beer. This beer has 0.05 percent alcohol which makes it non-alcoholic. You will find 4.8 grams of carbohydrates and 1.3 grams of sugar. Apart from malted barley, hop extract, the beer has natural flavorings to give a kick in your every sip. 

6. Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Beer

Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Beer


Enjoy your dark and roasty beer from Gruvi while hanging out with your friends. This beer has roasted barley and chocolate malt with dry, medium-bodied, non-alcoholic stout. It has a dark taste with a hint of earthy and coffee notes. You can get mild nuttiness and notes of honey on the beer as well. This is a great alcohol-free beer for those who don’t avoid alcohol. 

Nutrition facts

The beer comes in a matte black can. Each can have 12 ounces of beer and contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol. The beer has 45 calories, 4 percent carbohydrate which will not mess with your diet. It has no added sugar or preservatives to cause any allergic reactions. To get the original taste of the beer, cool it in the freezer. 

7. So.Beer Non-Alcoholic Beer

So.Beer Non-Alcoholic Beer


Mild refreshing, light lager beer is made from barley, wheat, oats, hops, and yeast. The beer is brewed and processed at a low temperature. The ingredients are purely extracted from which makes it vegan. Moreover, it has no artificial sweeteners or additives to enhance the flavor of the beer. So.Beer produces a beer that has a flavor with a hint of grapefruit.  

Nutrition facts

This vegan beer has 0.3 percent alcohol by volume. Low sugar and low-calorie beer give a balanced taste to enjoy with snacks or meals. Each pack consists of 12 beer cans where each can is 355 ml. One of the best features of the beer is that it retains vitamins and minerals with the addition of the ImmunoBoost formula. This beer will help to general immune health and reduce the effects of stress. 

8. Busch Non-Alcoholic Beer

Busch Non-Alcoholic Beer


For those who want to continue their journey of sobriety, the Busch non-alcoholic beer will be of great help. This beer is processed with a balanced blend of premium American hops, fine barley malt, cereal grains, and mixed with pure water. The beer is smooth, full-bodied, and has a malty flavor. Your every dish will be complimented with this beer.  

Nutrition facts

The beer is prepared in a natural process. It has 0.4 percent alcohol by volume which will not make you drunk. Moreover, 60 calories, 12.9 grams of carbs, and 0.6 grams of protein are present per 12 fluid ounces. The pack comes with 30 cans of non-alcoholic beer which is enough for a small backyard party. 

9. Bitburger Non-Alcoholic Beer

Bitburger Non-Alcoholic Beer


This is a German beer that comes in a glass bottle. The beer has a refreshing taste and is made by full fermentation without any pasteurization. The crispy taste in every sip satisfies the thirst for drinking alcohol. 

Nutrition facts

The bear has no sugar or additives to make it more flavorful. This is a 0 percent alcohol beer that comes 330 ml in each bottle. As it comes in a glass bottle it is likely to break easily. You need to recycle the beer bottles carefully.

10. Heineken Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer

Heineken Buckler Non-alcoholic Beer


The beer is made of toasted cereal grains, a hint of spicy hops which give a slightly sweet taste. The aroma of the beer is light and the grains add a spicy aftertaste to the beer. This is a Pale Lager-style beer and has a very light golden color. 

Nutrition facts

The non-alcoholic beer contains 0.1 percent alcohol by volume. The gentle prickly carbonation gives a soft texture to the beer. It is slightly foamy and its mouthfeel gives a crisp dry finish. The beer goes well with fish, pork earthy style cheeses as well. 

11. Pabst Blue Ribbon Non-alcoholic Beer

Pabst Blue Ribbon Non-alcoholic Beer


The beer is very light which more tastes like a carbohydrate beverage. This beer was processed by fermentation and tastes heavily malted. This non-alcoholic beer is great with every meal. 

Nutrition facts

This beer is diet-friendly. Each can have 356 grams of beer with 153 calories. It contains no fat, 14 mg sodium, 96 mg Potassium, and 13 grams of carbohydrate. The beer is made in Wisconsin, USA. moreover, it contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol to get less drunk.

12. Coors Non-alcoholic Beer

Coors Non-alcoholic Beer


The Coors non-alcoholic beer tastes like a golden lager. The flavor of the beer is light and is a bit grainy. It has a crisp taste in every sip and leaves a mild aftertaste. It also has hints of barley and slight sweetness. Moreover, the beer is healthily carbonated and refreshing to satisfy your thirst. 

Nutrition fact

The beer has less than 0.5% alcohol-by-volume. The beer comes in a glass bottle containing 12 ounces. Each pack is packed with 6 beer bottles. Each bottle has 41 calories and 8 grams of carbohydrates. Furthermore, the beer is double brewed for a refreshing taste.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Non-alcoholic Beer

Those are extreme beer lovers who might not enjoy the taste of alcoholic beer. There were very less brands that produced non-alcoholic beer. Now a wide range of NA beers is produced which varies in taste, flavor, and concentration of the beer. 

Method of processing

There are three ways of processing non-alcoholic beer. 


The process by which alcohol is removed from the beer is called dealcoholization. In this process, alcohol is separated through reverse osmosis, distillation, and gas stripping. The larger amount of ethanol is removed keeping the flavors intact. 

Controlled Fermentation

Fermentation is one of the processes of making alcohol. In this process, an optimum temperature and pressure are set. Also, low sugar grains and special yeast are used to control the alcohol level. 


In this process, traditional beer is brewed using fermentation. After processing the beer through the fermentation process, the beer is diluted till it measures 0.5 percent alcohol by volume. 


Water, grain, yeast, and hops are the main ingredients of beer. After brewing the beer, the alcohol content is removed and some adjustments are made in the ingredients to prepare non-alcohol beer. Moreover, some flavors like coffee, lemon are added to give a strong and zesty taste. 

Level of Alcohol

0.5 percent alcohol content by volume is considered as non-alcoholic beer. However, there is some beer that has 0 percent alcohol. If you are concerned about the level of alcohol, consider checking the content of beer on the bottle. 


Will non-alcoholic beer make me drunk?

Non-alcoholic beer contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol. It is not enough to make you drunk but a high amount of consumption can increase the alcohol level. 

Can I add non-alcohol beer to my diet?

The non-alcohol beer contains sugar and calories which might interfere with your diet. Check the calorie content if you do not want to mess your diet. 

Can minors buy non-alcoholic beer?

It depends on the regulations of the state you are staying in. Some states have set the drinking age to 21 years or 18 years. 

Is non-alcoholic beer made the same way as alcoholic beer?

Different brands use different methods of processing non-alcohol beer. However, many brands use the same process of making alcoholic beer and then separating the alcohol amount.

Is non-alcoholic beer bad for your liver?

Non-alcoholic beer contains a small amount of alcohol and causes damage to your liver. 


Have you found a non-alcoholic beer of your taste? You might not want to get drunk on weekdays and attend office in a mess. A non-alcoholic beer will not make you drunk like an alcoholic beer. So you will attend your office sober and also satisfy your thirst for beer.

Moreover, as the alcohol content is removed, you will not get the intense taste of the beer. Moreover, the number of ingredients is also altered to prepare the best non-alcoholic beer which changes the concentration and taste as well.

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