The 12 Best Ginger Beer Brands For Moscow Mule Or Other Cocktails

Ginger beer is one of the most important elements to use on the Moscow mule. In many cocktails, ginger beer is used as the base of the drink. It is not alcoholic and can be enjoyed by the people of every group. 

Moreover, ginger beer helps to soothe if you have nausea or stomach ace. However, it can contain sugar which can be bad for some people. Some brands use natural products for the flavors, while others add artificial flavor. Depending on the intensity of the flavor, you should decide the best ginger beer for you.

Top 14 Best Ginger Beer Brands

1. Q Mixers Ginger Beer

Q Mixers Ginger Beer


The ginger beer is made of organic agave, citric acid, ginger extract, chili pepper extract, coriander, cardamom, lime, and orange. Carbonated water is used in mixing all the ingredients. The chili and pepper add a kick to the beer which might not be of everyone’s taste. 


The ginger beer has a bold taste. It tastes spicier and less sweet and more carbonated. It has no high fructose or preservatives on the beer. You can add this beer to make cocktails.   


A package contains 24 cans and each can is 7.5 fluid ounces. It is gluten-free and non-GMO certified. Moreover, it is also kosher certified which can be served to a large group of people.

2. Top Hat Provisions Ginger Beer

Top Hat Provisions Ginger Beer


This beer is great as a pairing drink. You can add alcohol or any other beverages. This beer contains two different gingers, evaporated cane juice, lime juice, lemon juice, vitamin C, gum arabic, and their spiced drinking vinegar. Instant handcrafted beer gets well with this beer. 


The ginger beer has concentration. The beer has a spicy taste that gives a kick to your taste buds. It comes in a glass bottle. Each bottle is 32 ounces. Each of the ingredients is sourced from natural fruits. 

Moreover, this beer is vegan and gluten-free. It has low sugar which can be taken by diabetic patients.

3. Zevia Ginger Beer

Zevia Ginger Beer


The beer from Zevia gives a bold and complex taste which makes it a refreshing drink. This is a zero-calorie beer with zero artificial sweeteners. Stevia leaf is used for adding sweetness to the beer. Every ingredient is natural and mixes well with alcohol, Moscow mule, or stormy alcohol. 


You will get 12 cans on each pack. Each can is 7.5 fluid ounces. The beer is clear in colour, gluten-free. This beer is also non-GMO and kosher certified.

4. Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Origin and taste

This is an Australian beer, made by expert brewers. The beer is brewed for 3 days to get the perfect taste. It is a double distilled beer that can be enjoyed straight from the bottle and by adding some fresh lime and mint that increase the taste. 


This ginger beer comes in a glass bottle. Each bottle carries 12.7 ounces and a pack comes with 4 beer bottles. The bottle has a pull-off lid which makes it unable to store once opened. This is an alcohol-free beer suitable for those who want to drink less alcoholic beverages.

5. Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Fever-Tree Ginger Beer


The beer is made of natural ingredients. 3 types of gingers are added to give more flavors to the beer. Other than gingers, sugar, tartaric acid, ascorbic acid mixed with ginger, and carbonated spring water. All these ingredients give a silky smooth texture that creates bubbles when opened.  


The beer is not sweet and has a long-lasting flavor of ginger. Moreover, the beer mixes well with all types of spirits and gives a sophisticated taste to the individuals. 


The ginger beer comes in a can. The quantity on each can is 5.07 fluid ounces. Each package contains 24 cans that can serve a small get-together. You can store the cans on the refrigerator to enjoy it cold.

6. Gosling's Diet Ginger Beer

Gosling's Diet Ginger Beer


This diet bear is produced using a natural flavor of ginger, citric acid, potassium benzoate, gum acacia, sucralose, ester gum with some carbonated water. It is a non-alcoholic beer that can be mixed with other alcohol to make a cocktail. 


The ginger beer comes in a can. A can contain 12 fluid ounces that have 0% fat, sodium, carbohydrate, and protein. You can buy a single can or a pack of 6 to 12 cans for your party. You will get a refreshing on this ginger beer. However, the beer is not gluten-free and non-GMO certified. Kosher certification is not mentioned on this beer as well.

7. Barritt's Ginger Beer

Barritt's Ginger Beer


Ginger is the common ingredient of ginger beer but the addition of other elements enhances the taste of the beer. This beer is made by combining natural and artificial flavoring. Citric acid, neutral cloud, some preservative (Sodium Benzoate) quillaia bark extract, and caramel colour with carbonated water process the beer. The beer will taste sweet as high fructose corn syrup is used. 

Compatibility with drinks

The ginger beer from Barrit’s mixes well with most of the alcohol. Whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila, margarita, etc blends well with this beer. Not to mention, the Moscow mule tastes delicious with this beer. It has a bold flavor that spices up the drinks at your party. 


The beer comes in 12 fluid-ounce cans. You can buy a pack of 12 or 24 cans. As the lid of the cans cannot be put back, you cannot store the beer. The ginger beer can be drink independently without adding with other drinks.

8. The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer

The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer


This non-alcoholic ginger beer is processed by following the authentic recipe of jamaica. The beer is naturally flavored with ginger root extract. It has a bright spicy taste that kicks your tastebud. It has an intense smell of ginger which might not be liked by all. 

Allergy info

The beer is free of abalone but we are not sure it is gluten or nut-free. This beer is not certified as a non-GMO product. Kids can drink this beer as it is non-alcoholic however, it is not kosher certified which restricts a certain group of people from drinking it.


The beer comes in glass. Each glass carries more than 8 pounds of beer which can be enjoyed by two persons easily. It comes in a package of 6. The spicy aftertaste can be too intense for some but the spice level can be reduced by mixing it with other beverages or alcohols.

9. Gosling's Ginger Beer

Gosling's Ginger Beer


Gosling's ginger beer has a delicious taste. For ginger lovers, it is a very rich and refreshing ginger beer. It has a quiet crisp that will go well with rum. For those who do not like rum, the beer disguises the flavor of rum. The colour of the beer is more inclined to light yellowish off-white. It is a non-alcoholic ginger beer made from natural ginger roots. 


The beer is available in a can. Each can contains 12 fluid ounces of beer and the cans are recyclable. Each can contain a small amount of sugar. You can reduce the intake if you mix the beer with some alcohol.

10. Zevia Mixer Ginger Beer

Zevia Ginger Beer


The ginger beer from Zevia is made of neutral flavors, citric acid, and carbonated water. This beer has no sugar or artificial sweeteners in it. Stevia leaf extract is used to add some natural sweetness to it. This is a non-GMO certified beer with zero calories. 


The beer is packed in a can. The can is painted orange and mustard colour and contains 7.5 fluid ounces of beer. The cans come in 6 in a pack. The flavor of the ginger beer is not intense and will be mixed easily with other alcohols.

11. Royalty Ginger Beer

Royalty Ginger Beer


The ginger beer has a sweet and strong taste which makes it a great combination. This is a great ginger beer to make a Moscow mule. It has a more syrupy concentration. You do not have to add the full beer to get the flavor on your rum or whisky. However, it is very sweet which might not be liked by those who prefer spicy, crispy ginger beer. 


The beer comes in a tin can. The can contains 10.1 ounces of beer. Its rich concentration requires less amount of usage of the beer. The pack of the beer is available in 24 cans which can serve a large group of people in bars or any big party.

12. Regatta Ginger Beer

Regatta Ginger Beer


This beer from Regatta gives a classic taste. The beer is naturally crafted from ginger roots. The beer taste sweet and pure cane sugar is used to add sweetness to it. Moreover, the beer is versatile and mixes well with all types of drinks. You can enjoy your cocktails with this beer and balance the sweetness of the drink. 


The beer comes in a blue tin can. The can holds 7.5 fluid ounces of beer. Each can serves 120 calories and 11% of total carbohydrates. The beer contains a large amount of sugar that might not be suitable for everyone to drink. The drink comes in a case of 24 cans.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Ginger Beer

Do you think your Moscow mule isn't as delicious as the ones at the bar? Many drinks use ginger beer as a base. Many ginger beers are available with various flavors to prepare a nice cocktail. 


The ginger beer tastes spicy and citrusy. Depending on the ginger, the taste of the ginger beer varies. The flavor profile varies from brand to brand. Some are intense, spicy, or sweet in taste. If you want to enjoy a cocktail with ginger beer you should opt for the beer that satisfies your taste. Moreover, the beers have dissimilar aftertastes. If your ginger beer has an intense taste, add it with another beverage to balance the taste. 


Those who follow diets only can intake the required amount of calories. The ingredients used to make ginger beer do not have calories. The ginger beer gets calories from the sugar that is added to the beer to make it sweet. You should look for the number of calories before you buy the ginger beer.  


Ginger beer can have a high concentration. The beer with high concentration goes well to make a Moscow mule or other cocktails. If you want to take the beer solo, light concentration tastes well. To enjoy a nice cocktail, balance the ratio of alcohol and ginger beer. 


The ginger beer does not contain any allergic ingredients like nuts, wheat, or dairy. But they can be packaged in the same premises where nuts or wheat are packed. If you are allergic to any ingredients, make sure the beer is free of allergic elements. 

Non-GMO certified 

Ginger is the core ingredient of ginger beer. Various elements are used to make ginger beer. If you want a natural and organic beer, check if the beer is non-GMO certified or not. Genetically engineered organisms are not widely used in ginger beer but preservative is used to keep the beer good for a long time.


What is the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale?

Ginger ale is carbonated water flavored with ginger, whereas ginger beer is brewed and fermented.

What cocktails can be made from ginger beer?

You can make Italian Swizzle, Ginger Apple Cooler, Traditional Moscow Mule, Cider and Stormy, White Wine Ginger Spritz, etc. 

What percent of alcohol does a ginger beer contain?

Ginger beer is non-alcoholic. It contains less than 0.5 percent of alcohol. 

Can ginger beer go bad?

Ginger beer does not have a long shelf life. Once opened, the ginger beer won't last long.


Ginger beer is enjoyed by children as well as by adults. Adults mix the beer with alcohol to make the cocktails. The taste of the cocktails can differ due to different ginger beers. The ginger beers taste spicy and citrusy that might not be liked by all if taken without mixing. You need to choose the intensity of the flavor before mixing it with the alcohol.

On the other hand, look for allergic information if you are highly allergic to some ingredients. The beers come in tins and glass bottles which can be recycled. The best ginger beer for you is the one that enhances the flavor of your amazing cocktails.

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